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Integrative Speech and Language...
Helping children and adults with speech and language disorders by using extra-ordinary diagnostic assessments that include nutritional lab work, so together we can uncover your
actual speech pathology and walk the best path toward a healthier more balanced brain and body. We can reduce the body burden, therefore freeing up energy that can then be dedicated to more effective speech production and better overall communication. 



Everyone has their own path in life... If a loved one of yours is in need of speech pathology services, chances are that it is a life path you may not have expected to be on.  I believe there is a "path" in speech pathology too.  Are you on the "right" one for you? 

Hi! I’m Karen. I am honored you visited my site.

My credentials include Certificate of Clinical Competence, ASHA certified, experienced, licensed Speech Language Pathologist, Global Institute for Alternative Medicine Nutrition Consultant, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Chinese Face Reading and furthered education in 5 Elements Chinese Medicine, Licensed Aesthetician, Upledger CranioSacral therapy CSI, CSII and SERI trained, Malter Institute trained and a few other things I am probably not thinking of right this moment. I understand when seeking a person to trust to help your child, parent, family member / loved one that these certifications and labels and credentials are important, I do… I am a life-long learner and love to learn, so the credentials whether degreed or not will always continue in an effort to simply better serve you… I would say that my most valuable credentials of all however are my care and compassion, my integrity and my ability to listen as well as think outside the box. I know I can help you and I know my approach works. 

Working together is a commitment and we are a team working toward agreed upon goals. We choose the path to take together. Let's find the true pathology in your speech pathology.  Take the journey with me.  If any of this resonates with you, I would love to connect.

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Now accepting speech and Language Teletherapy and select In person appointments with clients in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and Wisconsin.

Accepting functional nutrition clients worldwide.



What people are saying:

“Incredibly informative, easy to understand and a straightforward plan to get me going. I am very thankful for the thorough explanations as it doesn’t seem overwhelming and is something completely do-able. Looking forward to feeling better and seeing what works best for MY body.” Lisa K.T.


“Alerted me to the possibility that I had hemochromatosis years before my physician was willing to conduct additional testing that confirmed that I had the genetic type even though I did not notice any symptoms.” Dave B.


Happening soon…happening now!

A look at what is happening with us at Integrative Speech and Language 


*CranioSacral Therapy sessions / Upledger Trained

(available now upon request and by appointment only)

*Healthy Mommy/Healthy Daddy/ Healthy Child nutrition programs in conjunction with or separate

from speech pathology services

(available now / inquire within)

*A new look at learning and communication styles with the use of physiognomy and 5 Elements Chinese


(available now upon request and by appointment only)

*Putting the puzzle pieces of Parkinson’s in place:

- A medically-Supervised Pilot Program for Parkinson’s - A multi-faceted therapeutic approach to


*Family Constellation workshops

*Meditation workshops and guidance

*Tapping Into Health sessions


available for speech and language teletherapy services and select in-home services in California, arizona, texas, florida and wisconsin

available for functional nutrition services world wide

To learn more about speech and
language assessments and therapy






To learn more about how Nutritional
and Health Assessments using
Functional Lab Work with a Certified
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
Practitioner can help you...


After receiving an Integrative Speech and Language 

version of a comprehensive speech and language + functional nutritional evaluation, you should find yourself feeling informed, educated, empowered, hopeful, with a new outlook and ready for next steps…

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